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Jan 28

Just thought I’d post some links to sites that I’ve found useful when learning Sinatra.

If you know of any other good Sinatra sites, please add them in the comments below.

You can see a full list of all my bookmarked Sinatra links at delicious.

Official Stuff

  • Getting Started With Sinatra. An excellent overview of all of the features of Sinatra
  • Sinatra Source Code. This is where all the magic happens - and in just over 1000 lines of code. Reading this will help you to learn more about Sinatra and improve your Ruby.
  • Sinatra Mailing List. An invaluable resource. You can always go here to ask a question and get help. I’ve found the people on here to be some of the most helpful and friendly people out there.
  • The Sinatra Book. A work in progress, but it already contains lots of info with examples.


You have to pay for these - but not too much and they’re both well worth the money.

  • Class Web Development With Sinatra. This was what got me started using Sinatra. Adam Keys delivers a brilliant 2-part screencast where he builds 2 Sinatra apps from scratch and covers all of the basics.
  • Sinatra Peepcode. Another brilliant video by Dan Benjamin. He builds a simple Ad display app using a Datamapper backend. This video has a particularly good ‘Advanced Topics’ section at the end.

Other Stuff

  • Build a Pastie Clone. A fantastic blog post that introduced me to the Datamapper ORM. Well written by Nick Plante, it is an easy to follow tutorial to build a Pastie clone.
  • The 12 Rules of Sinatra The Ruby Guru himself, Satish Talim asks some high profile Sinatra developers what the are the 12 most important rules of Sinatra. All of the answers are great and really useful!
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