Time For A Comeback

Mar 29

When I wrote the post Taking A Breath, I didn’t think it would be for so long! I’ve only managed a couple of short posts since. So just thought I’d say sorry for the delay.

A few things have delayed any meaningful posts on here. First of all I’ve been run off my feet at work, which is nothing new, but I’m on holiday for two weeks so should be able to get much more done on here.

I also had to set up a full content managed site from scratch. I did this using Sinatra and Heroku which meant that I had to learn lots of things about Heroku addons and how to use Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Everything seems to be running fine and I’ll be writing up some of the things I learnt soon.

But the main reason for the long delay is that I completely underestimated just how long it takes to write up a full tutorial. I have to work through the example myself, then write it all up, then try to make it read better, then go through the steps again to make sure they work, then produce screen shots, then put the code on github and deploy the example to Heroku before proof reading it and publishing it! The next project is finally ready now and I’ll be publishing it tomorrow.

I’ve also had a bit of a think and decided on a little re brand to fit in with whole Sinatra thing. Surely it should be a Songbook rather than a cookbook? This means that from now on a ‘recipe’ (full projects) will be known as a ‘songs’ and a ‘snacks’ (short code example or hint) will be known as a ‘ditty’.

And it seems that Sinatra 1.0 is just around the corner which is super exciting and will hopefully get even more people switched on to using the classiest web framework out there.

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