Another New Year!

Jan 05

Happy New Year!

It was a year ago that I started this site as a New Year’s Resolution and I’ve had a brilliant time.

I didn’t quite manage to produce a project every couple of months like I originally intended, but I did learn A LOT about Sinatra and loved every minute of it. I’m more convinced than ever Sinatra is the best tool for web development. Over the last year I’ve learnt about lots of new things and managed to blog about them as much as possible, but I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to produce more full tutorials and will try to do more over the next year.

I have been busy producing some apps in Sinatra. I’ve produced a really minimal blogging engine, nearly built a tiny CMS app and To Do List app. I’ve also been busy working on a pet project to create a simple eCards app.

This year’s resolution is to focus on these key projects and try to develop them into full blown apps. I will also make sure that I write some tutorials about them. Another resolution is to learn lots more JavaScript, including Ajax. I’ve been playing around with this and will blog about it soon.

I also have lots of ideas for little ‘ditties’ and tips and tricks. Here are some of topics that I intend to cover during 2011:

  • Uploading files
  • Pretty urls
  • Url shortening
  • Testing
  • Saving backups on Heroku
  • Single file apps
  • Simple admin and authentication

I’ve already tried a few of these out and got them working, so now I just need to write them up. The problem I have is that I enjoy developing in Sinatra so much that I sometimes find it hard to stop and write about it! It takes such a long time to write a tutorial and I have so many different things that I want to try out and play around with.

When I do get all this written up then I am hoping to collate any of the useful posts and tutorials into a pdf book so people can print it off for reference. I might even have a dabble at a video tutorial!

Next year I’d love to see some contributions from you guys - have you got a tip or trick that can help with Sinatra? Or have you built an app and want to write how you did it? I’d also love to share any relevant links to videos, presentations or blog posts, so send them over!

I’m looking forward to learning even more about Sinatra over the next year and getting more involved in the community. I love hearing from all you fellow Crooners out there, so leave a comment and let me know what your plans are for the coming year….

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