Writing For Ruby Source

Aug 04

A couple of weeks ago, Aaron Osteraas asked me to write some stuff for the Ruby Source website. I’ve written a couple of posts over the last week and the first one was published today! It’s called 7 Things I Love About Sinatra, I hope you’ll pop over, have a read and maybe leave a comment.

Hopefully I’ll be writing some more articles and tutorials over the next few months, mainly about Sinatra, but also some bits about Ruby. Unfortunately this means that there won’t be as many posts on this website, but hopefully the bigger reach of Ruby Source (it’s part of the Sitepoint family) will help me to reach out to a bigger audience. I hope that all the followers of I Did It My Way will continue to follow my work on Ruby Source.

I’d just like to say thanks to all the Crooners who read this blog and have supported me for the last year and a half. I’d never have the confidence to write for a big site like Ruby Source without all the support and kind words I have received in comments and emails. Cheers!

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